Specialist - Controls Project Engineering

Pune, Maharashtra (India)
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Specialist - Controls Project Engineering

General Management

Pune, Maharashtra (India)

Ref: JAA974 November 2, 2015 MATERIALS



Survey all multidisciplinary activities within a project and help in decision-making of complex control projects by contributing knowledge, experience, and insights in the systems and engineering process. Manage the controls project team and take decisions at larger and more complex projects and is responsible for functionality, planning and budget of the (part) project. With that tunes functionality and interfaces with customers, other disciplines and subcontractors. Co-ordinate and guide training course of Controls Project Engineers. Make improvement proposals of product and process at department level and be able to independently take over responsibilities of the Project Manager Engineering like contribute in product teams and product presentations/trainings for (Sales) engineers. Advice and review projects in the sales phase with respect to concept (multidisciplinary), layout, controls principals, price and applicable equipment. Has knowledge of Electro-Mechanical architecture, mechanical equipment, interfaces and high level controls and knows when he has to consult the specialist concerned. Adjust his method of working to the perception of the interested person. Puts with that the acceptation of the solution (expectation management) before the technical solution. Initiate development of new standard products and solutions. Realizing complex controls applications and part systems. Build and configure, program, test and document. Draw up calculations on behalf of quotations.


10 years of hands-on experience in Siemens PLC systems 300 / Series PLCs (Hardware and software), HMI and SCADA systems, I/O bus systems (ASI, Profibus, Profinet), System perspective & System requirements Self-starter, sees where the work is and creates own work and needs little steering. Is a team player and is able to function as joined lead engineer. Able to handle stress. Have excellent problem solving ability. Assist Project Leader and Project Manager where required. Proactive in initiating actions / measures where required to ensure project deliverables. Is able to perform responsibilities mentioned above in a mix field of politic, commercial interests. Strong feeling for organization and set priorities. Radiate seniority and is able to convince people (Project Manager, Project Leader Engineering, Mechanical Engineer) and steering without hierarchic position. Accepted conversation partner (outside Engineering department) for customers, Sales, Systems. Be able to cope with insecurities and high project pressure. Education: B.E. B.Tech from a reputed institution

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