Discovering Talent Globally

Catenon is the tech-based multinational company specialized in data-driven recruitment services providing unique highly innovative talent solutions.

We operate as a single, worldwide office, searching, attracting, assessing and introducing global talent to our clients, no matter where they are

Catenon Technology

Technology designed to bring talent closer to our clients.

Our technological platform eliminates the geographical distance between candidates and stakeholders. This is possible thanks to our complex knowledge architectures based on data intelligence coming from diverse industries and our ability to virtually present talent to our clients over the web through tools such as the Technical Filmed Interview.

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A puzzle of possibilities to make your solution unique, personalized and highly innovative


Dedication, pleasant working environment and

Passion for the World

We firmly believe that a successful team is one that is diverse. We are passionate and respectful towards different cultures, traditions and people, as well as the coexistence of different ways of living and thinking, that come together in an ever-connected global world.


With operations in more than 100 countries across 5 continents

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