Catenon Technology

Every possible way to digitize your identification, assessment and selection of professionals finally together.

Catenon Technology


The technological platform for the identification, evaluation and management of candidatures anywhere around the world.

Catenon manages its operations globally using SMAPICK, which incorporates an indexation and search engine of internal and external knowledge, as well as a Business Intelligence engine which allows the optimized recycling and the presentation of the information to the different users’ profiles in real time.

  • 1 Knowledge management architectures and business intelligence
  • 2 Intelligent Sourcing
  • 3 Candidate profiles & Evaluations
  • 4 Candidate Experience and Timeline
  • 5 Tasks Management and Assignation
  • 6 Recruiting Reports
  • 7 Workflows and Scorecards
Catenon Technology
web area

Client Web Area

Access information in real time.

Catenon Technology

Catenon provides clients with an on-line management area where they can access information in real time from anywhere in the world. Clients are therefore able to follow-up and participate in the processes, shared candidatures, recruiting results and video calls with the recruiter, among others. It is configured as a multi device and multi user space in order to facilitate the decision-making process of the different evaluators independently of where they may be located.

Filmed Business Cases

Filmed Business Cases

Objective and comparable technical assessment.

Through Catenon’s Virtual Rooms, the candidate is invited to solve a typical business situation related to the position in question. They are filmed and uploaded in real time. These are some of its advantages:

Catenon Technology
  • check Comparing candidates located anywhere around the world.
  • check Optimizing the objectiveness of technical evaluations carried out by true experts without intermediaries.
  • check Accessing the best professionals no matter where they are.
  • check Saving time and money, facilitating the decision-making process.
Catenon Academy

Catenon Academy

Trained and certified true Digital Recruiters.

Catenon Academy is the best source of our recruiters’ training in the world, accessible on our proven learning platform.

  • check We introduce innovation in a simultaneous way at a global level in order to ensure the consistency in all operations.
  • check We test the latest innovations in the digital and technological talent ecosystem.
  • check We train in techniques and tools validated by industry, position and market.
Catenon Technology


The talent solutions you trust with the power of innovation.

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