Site Leader- Converting Centre

Hanau (Germany)
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Site Leader- Converting Centre

Hanau (Germany)




Overall, the role of a Site Leader is crucial to the success of the converting Centre. By managing staff, ensuring efficiency, monitoring safety and security, providing excellent customer service, and developing strategic plans, you will play a key role in ensuring that the Site operates smoothly and profitably. Responsibilities Leading the day-to-day operations of the Converting centre, which includes overseeing the movement of goods and materials into and out of the center, managing the transportation of these goods, and ensuring that inventory levels are maintained at appropriate levels. Setting up the operations at the new Converting centre. Managing Staff: hiring, training, scheduling, and overseeing the work of the logistic coordinator, maintenance manager, production manager (winders area) and administration. Overseeing Customer service: You ensure that customers receive excellent service, addressing customer concerns, and ensuring that deliveries are made on time and in full Ensuring efficiency: You make sure that all logistics operations are efficient and cost-effective, including managing the use of transportation vehicles, scheduling deliveries and pickups, and managing inventory levels Monitoring safety and security, must ensure that all logistics/ winder operations comply with safety and security regulations, including monitoring the movement of goods and materials and ensuring that all employees are trained in safety procedure. Strategic planning: You develop and implement strategies for the growth and improvement of the logistics center, including identifying opportunities for expansion, developing new processes and systems, and managing capital expenditures. In the future, be responsible for the site profitability, manage the P&L of the site for the operational subjects by leading the different departments by optimizing the organisation of production and constantly looking after deadlines, costs and quality. Maintaining a close relationship with the Sales Manager Germany, Customer service Coordinator (based in Spain) and with the factory in Spain to keep informed about the stocks and replenishment of Jumbos. Requisites Solid experience, (more than 7 years) on the described functions or as supply chain Manager of a logistic center. Native in German and Fluent English. Preferably academical background in Engineering or similar. Experience in packaging, graphic industry or similar would be highly valued. Team player and solid Managerial skills, good communication skills, organization, and service oriented is a must.

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