Functional Safety & Cybersecurity Engineer (Automotive)

Spain (Spain)
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Functional Safety & Cybersecurity Engineer (Automotive)

Production, Operations and R&D

Spain (Spain)




Experience in: 1 - Automotive sector in a position equivalent to at least 3 years. 2 - Functional Safety and Cybersecurity Management 3 - Electronic Standards (Automotive Spice, ISO 26262;…) Scope: - To assure the Electronics documentation (Processes, Guidelines, Templates) is in agreement with the applicable Standard ISO 26262 and ISO 21434. - To give support in the implementation of the Process P-11.6 in Technical Centers and Projects under development involved. - To assure the Electronics Documentation in match with the GA Management Model supporting the communication Flow with Quality Corporate. - Manage internal Electronics documentation as Functioning Instructions and Lessons Learned useful for projects development General Tasks: 1.- Automotive Cybersecurity engineering and test service development/delivery with emphasis on a systems engineering approach: - Threat and risk analysis - Verification planning and management - Design, development and problem solving to ensure client product security 2. -Further develop our advanced Verification and Safety services and 3.- Perform any associated new technology research and horizon scanning 4.- Service Development - Research cybersecurity aspects of new technology standards and test methods / equipment - Develop and validate new cybersecurity testing capabilities - Optimise new technology services through structured continuous improvement - Write procedures for the delivery of cybersecurity testing services - Assist in the optimisation of current test and engineering processes and policies 5.- Consultancy - Lead / assist consultancy projects of varying sizes - Provide technical support in own area of expertise to cross-discipline team - Provide internal support to product development areas - Lead / assist research and development projects - Problem resolution 6.- Project Management - Support cross-discipline delivery across core programmes / projects Knowledge: 1.- A large part of this role will involve new service development, implementation and delivery tasks. 2.- As such, a good working knowledge of computer science and electrical and electronic principles in conjunction with test and measurement equipment familiarity is essential. 3.- A working knowledge of antennas, EM theory, wired and wireless link connectivity/technologies, systems engineering, and problem resolution will be a significant advantage. 4.- High level entrants will have a hands-on working knowledge of wireless and wired penetration test methods, and / or an understanding of new vehicle technologies, architectures, diagnostics and applicable test and engineering methods to assess and resolve their associated cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

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