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Sales Manager(Thailand)

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Thailand (Thailand)




- Evaluating the market conditions of the country together with the affiliated Sales Area Manager, determining the country sales target and creating sales and marketing activity plans to achieve this goal - Creating a potential customer portfolio and planning weekly visits to these customers - Promoting companies and products to potential customer leads and improving sales opportunities - Keeping a sufficient number of marketing materials and delivering them to the customer leads during visits - Understanding the contacted customer request correctly and reporting it to the Area Manager - Informing the offer prepared by company to the customer and pursuing and reporting the outcome of the offers - Initiating the contract process with the customer, negotiating on commercial and technical specifications, informing the company contract terms to the customer receiving feedback on the terms of the contract and supporting the customer in accordance with the directives of the Sales Manager, to whom the contract is signed - Maintaining the contact with the customer within the period from the signing of the contract until the delivery of the factory and reporting their requests to the Area Manager - Periodically visiting the related field customers in the country, sharing up-todate information about our products and evaluating the renewal change potential - Informing requests and complaints received from the visited company factories to SSH unit, pursuing the solution - Attending sectoral fairs, seminars and workshops nationwide, promoting brands and reaching potential customers - Tracking and reporting rival brand activities in the country - Sending the reports requested on a weekly and monthly basis to the Area Manager on time in accordance with its format

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