Hairdresser - Afro

Barcelona (Spain)
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Hairdresser - Afro

Barcelona (Spain)

Ref: RI6335 December 17, 2020 MASS COMMODITIES



Functions: 1. Create and maintain his/her own model pool (recruit, manage panel, daily maintain: cut, wash, dry, style…) 2. Participate in the tests: evaluating hair products + recording results when necessary. 3. Train designated trainees. 4. As part of the group (and proportionally to his/her weight in the salon workload), be part of the team: Keep salon maintenance when needed, help maintain a clean and efficient workstation, help with inventory… Preferred education level; Preferred years of experience; Soft Skills; Required technical/software skills; Required licenses/certification - Minimum 2 years of experience serving as a skilled, dedicated hairdresser in AFRO. - Basic/medium understanding of English - Basic/medium IT skills - Good communication skills - Team player. Ability to interact with co-workers, panelists, staff and management. - Well organized and disciplined. - Engaged, energized, willing to paint on a blank canvas (create capability from scratch). - Hunger to learn new things and experiences.

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