Application SW Developer

Barcelona (Spain)
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Application SW Developer

IT & Telecommunications

Barcelona (Spain)

Ref: NY2414 February 1, 2022 INDUSTRY AND CAPITAL GOODS



What we do in the SW group: Developing: • the networking/cloud application SW for integration and Cloud services, • the embedded communications SW for IoT connectivity and • the embedded control SW for PWRE as well as motor and system control boards Requisites Backend (must have): • Solid understanding of software fundamentals • Comfortable working within a backend framework • RESTful API development hands-on experience • Knowledge of SQL and familiarity with at least one DataBase Managenent System: MySQL, SQL Server... • Setup and configuration of server and services on cloud providers: Azure, AWS, Google Cloud... • Familiar with CI/CD tools and methodologies Frontend (basic understanding): • Web and mobile app development • Basic understanding of website design - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript • Apps distribution (Google Play y App Store) • Knowledge of web/mobile development platforms and analytics tools: Firebase, App Analytics... Qualifications • Bachelor/Master in Computer Science or equivalent • Significant hands-on experience running projects alone or as part of small teams Our beliefs: • Boss’ job is to help you succeed - not to tell you how to do your job • Big jobs - you own it / you make the decisions / you deliver • It is your project - we do not divide or piecemeal the work • We are a highly professional organization and behave accordingly • We value passion, intelligence, energy, and character - skills can be learned • We encourage, spend time, and invest in learning – we are a big on it • We strive to deliver original solutions and great work • We study/learn fluently in English • We communicate fluently in English with our partners

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