Dance product engineer

Lille (France)
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Dance product engineer

Lille (France)




Your position As a leader in developing dance slippers your priority will be on classical dance slippers, the major best seller of the brand. As such, you will have a role to play in the creating strategies of conception and plans of action for transformation. You will assist in the selection of the suppliers and will lead the management project as well as the planning on the technical specifications and the industrialisation pilot with all the stakeholders (product manager, designer, supply, production). Your goal will be to set a solid strategy which will pro-actively enhance the sustainability and the continuity of the product by following the product's quality and the clients’ satisfaction Profile sought Ideally with an engineer background, you have a meaningful experience in the production and conception of dance shoes/footwear product. You show great leadership while federating and rallying teams to work on strategic and technical projects. You are also creative as well as agile, and with the ability to think outside of the box to find solutions while keeping a close link with the manufacturing process which will require for you to visit the factories to understand and anticipate industrial issues.

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