Shoe Pattern Maker M/W

Lille, NORD PAS DE CALAIS (France)
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Shoe Pattern Maker M/W

Production, Operations and R&D

Lille, NORD PAS DE CALAIS (France)

Ref: KAN794 December 2, 2019 TRADE AND DISTRIBUTION



You create the theoretical and numerical technical standards on the group's CAD software. You accompany increase in the networks' expertise and guarantee the continuous improvement of the technical standards and their contents. As a member of the pattern makers and prototypists' team, you design footwear products in close collaboration with the different project teams (designers, product engineers, method engineers, production teams). You're in charge of model pattern development, the validation of functional prototypes and the technical specifications for the development teams. You are responsible for the proper use of the rules of the art of building a shoe by guaranteeing the cut, the wear and the performance of the product in its use. You control and ensure the industrial feasibility as well as the cost of your products. You are also involved in the respect of modeling schedules through the monitoring of the product from the development phase to production. You measure the quality of footwear products through regular audits, trips to suppliers' development centers, and through fitting tests / sports use.


You have a Bachelors Degree with a specialization in footwear. You are a Pattern Maker with a professional experience of at least 8 to 10 years in design or production of shoes (ideally sports and outdoor). You are able to interpret a design and apply it to a target sporting use, guaranteeing the end customer quality fitting. You master the theoretical and practical bases of shoe pattern-making as well as the main stages of shoe manufacturing. You use and master the following tools : CAD / CAM, 2D and have ideally a good knowledge of 3D and ICAD software. You master technical English (written and spoken) to communicate with the international teams.

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