Technical Engineer for Interiors, Climate and Access (Railway)

Munich (Germany)
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Technical Engineer for Interiors, Climate and Access (Railway)

Production, Operations and R&D

Munich (Germany)




Responsibilities: - To be part of the specific design team for each module, even participating in design revisions with the end customer. - To be responsible (shared with the specific experts in HQ) for the Generation of design solutions for the specific scope in tender phase. Acceptance process of the design (including architectures, design solutions, documents, etc…). - To generate necessary documentation oriented to generation of tender proposal, to Customer Design Revisions and Approval process, to provide quick answers to the customer, obtain on time answers from them as well as to anticipate the validation of documents (validation of comments from customer prior to receiving official letters). Activities: - Review technical specification and evaluation in order to identify the solution which best fit our company and the customers' needs in tender phase. - Active Participation in the mechanical design and revision process of the corresponding design solution, with customer and suppliers. - Provide input for elaborating the tender budget - Prepare meetings with customer with HQ teams (who also assist and lead the technical discussions) and assist to the meeting. After these preparation meetings, to generate the ppt files for the official meeting with customer. Write MoM and deal with Open Points of the meetings. - Receive, analyze and provide first quick answers to the comments/questions received from customer. - Technical management of supplier of the corresponding System for the tender and project phase: proposals validation, documentation exchange, requirements compliance, verification and validation process, …. - Generate documentation for the tender phase (technical descriptions, calculations and compliance level) and project phase (design review and for the Homologation process of the affected module. - Complete de requirement management lifecycle: revision, implementation, traceability, verification&validation, closure. - Participate during the manufacturing process for the validation of design solutions: installation inspections, change request revision, Modification implementation, … Requirements: Qualification: Bachelor or Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Specific Professional Experience: · Experienced (a minimum of 3 years) in the railway or a similar sector in Mechanical design of Interiors and Driving cabin, as well as mechanical and functional integration of Access and Climate systems. Knowledge of assembly solutions, interior materials, mechanical components. · Experience in managing with end customers (DB or equivalent, or Metro authorities). · Knowledge in German standards and Approval process. · Experience in management of Climate and Access subsystems suppliers. · Good skills to communicate and work in group. · Ability to work with Catia and Enovia. · Adaptability to a fast-evolving environment. · Languages: German and English (Spanish, as alternative, would be favourably considered).

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