HR Director

Monterrey (Mexico)
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HR Director

HR, Organisation and Quality

Monterrey (Mexico)

Ref: HR3106 June 16, 2020 ENERGY, WATER AND GAS



• In alignment with the annual operating plan process, manage the Human Capital planning process to understand the talent (type and quantity) required to achieve strategic objectives of the business. • Collaborate with the companies global HR teams to ensure alignment. • Collaborate with Mexico and the companies global leadership to identify and prioritize current and future talent requirements, which impact achievement of strategic impact objectives. • Understand market dynamics regarding availability of talent and core regional competencies and its impact on the ability to acquire talent. • In collaboration with Mexico leadership and the HR Americas, ensure processes and programs are aligned to the source and staff openings in the targeted timeframe with the best talent available and in anticipation of future organizational needs. • Identify and initiate actions required to address key talent gaps and ensure leadership and critical positions have the right people in the right place at the right time. • Proactively partner with Mexico leaders to differentiate performance and identify and implement targeted individual development plans that address key talent gaps. • Ensure a diverse workforce and diverse pipeline of talent, paying attention to continuously increasing the diversity across the leadership levels of the organization. • Support L&D strategies and programs for Mexico to ensure capabilities needed for success receive focus. • Oversee career planning and competency development for Mexico employees to ensure colleague growth. • In collaboration with the companies global HR team, ensure local compensation and benefits are competitive and market relevant. • Ensure equity in pay, without regard to historical biases that may exist to ensure retention of the best diverse talent. • Direct the development of incentive/specialized compensation programs for Mexico as required and aligned with the companies global HR team. • Coach Mexico leadership in the development and implementation of required programs and the practice of consistent HR processes to establish and maintain a work environment where people can do their best work. • Reinforce the companies traits and culture in the interactions across the organization. • Ensure Mexico employee relations and communication systems and processes are developed which help create a positive, inclusive work environment and promote high performance. • Proactively identify and resolve employee issues through individual conversations. • In collaboration with the Mexico leadership team define, communicate and lead key priorities for Human Resources annually.

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