Project Coordinator

Bogotá (Colombia)
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Project Coordinator


Bogotá (Colombia)

Ref: JS1421 December 1, 2023 INFORMATICA



This position plays a crucial role in ensuring the successful planning, execution, and delivery of projects while maintaining a positive relationship with clients. Some of the functions for this position would be:: Act as the primary point of contact between the client and the project team. Regularly communicate project updates, progress, and milestones to clients in a clear and timely manner. Gather client feedback and ensure it is incorporated into project planning and execution. Work closely with clients to understand their needs, objectives, and requirements for IT projects. Translate client requirements into clear and actionable project plans. Ensure that project goals align with the client's expectations. Develop comprehensive project plans outlining tasks, timelines, and resource requirements. Coordinate with team members to allocate tasks and set realistic deadlines. Ensure that project timelines align with client expectations and contractual agreements. Allocate resources efficiently based on project requirements and team capabilities. Monitor resource usage and make adjustments as necessary to meet project goals. Ensure that the team has the necessary tools and technology to meet client needs. Monitor and measure client satisfaction throughout the project lifecycle. Address any concerns or issues raised by clients promptly and professionally. Conduct post-project reviews to gather feedback and identify areas for improvement Identify opportunities for process improvement and efficiency gains. Implement best practices based on lessons learned from previous projects. Stay informed about industry trends and technologies to suggest innovative solutions to clients.

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