Oil&Gas Operator (logistic)

Polanco (Mexico)
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Oil&Gas Operator (logistic)

Produktion, Forschung und Entwicklung

Polanco (Mexico)

Ref: RO4634 November 30, 2023 Energie, Wasser und Gas



Marine Operation Oil&Gas (logistic) Management of a barge or cargo, vessel - Nominate vessels under the contract agreed by Company trader. - Issue Documentary Instructions – to meet LC, customs and contractual requirements. - Appoint inspectors for Quality and Quantity as per contractual requirements and other measures/analyses requested by Company traders. - Timely processing of Company counterparties’ incoming invoices SAP (for the necessary updates) and the financial system Documentum to ensure timely payment by Company Treasury. - Timely processing of Company outgoing invoices in the traders’ system SAP (for the necessary updates) and the financial system Documentum for further correct and timely issuance of the invoices by Back Office. - Blending operations for the product(s) of the Operator’s responsibility. - Storage management (where applicable). - Clear the vessel with terminal and counterparties + vetting process through Charterers. - Read and understand the fixture provided by Company Shipping Dept. - Issue instructions to the vessel via brokers - voyage orders/agents appointed/LOIs. Contract Management - Ensure that the operations do not start (including providing nominations) until a written contract has been sent out, or received from Company counterparty as appropriate; where no contract is in place, then the required exemption should be obtained. - Check a trader deal sheet against a recap of Company deal and contact traders for corrections in case of discrepancies. - Read and understand the contractual content, terms and conditions. Financial Security - Instruct Treasury/Finance for issuance/receipt of LCs as per a purchase/sales contract. - Liase with Credit Risk Company in case of any disagreements on financial securities with counterparties. - Ensure that no delivery is effected without adequate financial security in place as specified in the (sales) contract. Insurance & Claims - In the event of any issues during execution of the contract, advice Company Insurance Dept and collect/co-ordinate documents and correspondence as required. Coordination and data input - Ensure correct and timely input of all details concerning the deal into SAP, Documentum and other systems (relevant spreadsheets/tables). - Enter and update vessel movements, event dates, Q & Q. - Enter and update details for invoicing of goods plus costs for services - Ensure that the pricing details are correct, to enable prompt invoicing. - Ensure that OIR’s forCompany outgoing invoices have been processed in a timely manner. - Check and allocate incoming invoices for products and product-related costs. - File all the operational documents in a timely and accurate manner according to agreed procedures in Documentum. Compliance - Follow instructions of Company units to insure Company compliance with applicable customs, excise, VAT and other tax and non-tax legislation. Skills and Qualifications: · University Degree in logistics, oil & gas or completion of training courses that amount to solid professional qualifications. · Knowledge of the international ship management environment, preferably the oil & gas industry. · Knowledge of logistics services (storage/barges/inspections/agents/brokers, etc.). · Knowledge of cargo operational and financial procedures. · Autonomous, pro-active and always thinking ahead. · Strong time-management skills and ability to manage priorities. · Good negotiation skills and ability to build productive relationships.

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