Corporate Legal Lawyer

Casablanca (Morocco)
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Corporate Legal Lawyer

Recht und Steuern

Casablanca (Morocco)

Ref: RL1793 April 29, 2021 Konsumgüter



Functions: Legal Area - Coordinate and support legal advice to Company CEO/ Managing Directors – Functional Directors/Corporate managers/ Country Managers and Department Head Countries. - Participate actively in the review of the Company Group’s legal policies and the definition of intellectual property policies to manage Company’s brands and products. - Manage and supervise the Business operations from a legal standpoint. - Supervise and manage filings with governmental authorities (investments filings, reporting to the tax authorities, etc.). - Oversee the execution and control of capital increases at both the Company SL level and the subsidiary level. - Lead and manages the design of the legal strategies to be put forward at trial. - SUBSIDIARIES: Coordinate and track the different growth/reorganization projects from a legal standpoint affecting the subsidiaries. - SUPPLIERS: Manage and supervise the creation of “framework” agreements common to all suppliers depending on their products; advise, and validate the documents of the Purchasing and the Finance Department. - FINANCIAL OPERATIONS: Advise and validate documents for the financing operations of Group companies, financial derivatives and OTC operations. - Manage and supervise the establishment of policies to minimize legal risks. - Prepare, draft and revise the contract and legal documents that involve Company, SL or its shareholders. - Review and approve all legal documents before they are signed by Board of Directors members, Shareholders and Executive Team members. Compliance Area - Raise awareness, promote and ensure the development of a compliance model within the Company. - Manage the policies and processes that affect the way in which an organization is properly managed and its relations with its stakeholders. - Ensure that there is a deeply-rooted “attitude of compliance” in the company in order to support a culture where “doing things right” is standard procedure and instils a sense of responsibility, integrity and respect to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations in force, preventing and discovering inadequate conduct. - Supervise Company lines of communication on a regular basis. Requirements: - The ideal candidate has a Degree in Law, MBA or Master’s degree in law/finance/auditing is a desirable plus, and more than 8-10 years of experience in a similar position in an international Company, preferably in FMCG business, with knowledge in beverages. Three years minimum in compliance and proven track experience as staff attorney in multinational and matrix organizations with team management experience. - English, French and Arabic Proficiency. - Advanced user of MS-Office suite - In-depth understanding of how legal issues affect organizations. - Ability to develop legal strategy and objectives. - Knowledge of commercial, corporate and financial law.

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