Content Manager

Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
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Content Manager

Handel & Marketing

Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Ref: GX7035 October 21, 2022 Informatik



CONTENT MANAGER Our Content Manager will be responsible for managing, creating, improving, and maintaining the content of a website in accordance with a content marketing strategy, which allows the company's business objectives to be achieved. The functions range from the design of a communication plan to the generation of different content formats for the various digital channels (websites, social networks, newsletters, blogs, etc.). This is a multidisciplinary profile that requires specific training, the ability to adapt to the needs of our Fintech-Crypto company, and, above all, creativity to achieve original content. The creation and coordination of content in different formats for different platforms depends on him/her to achieve a good positioning, create a brand and, as a result, meet the company's objectives. The functions of our Content Manager will include the following: -Designing and planning a global content strategy. -Coordination of teams: both those that deal specifically with content writing and those that work with other areas of the agency, such as SEO or Visual. -Content plans: a document containing the different publications/content depending on the channels, buyer persona or keywords. It is advisable to use a calendar format to keep track of all the planned actions. -Storytelling: build original stories that excite and stand out from the competition. Stories? Yes, because what better way to get people hooked on a brand than a good story that leaves you wanting more? To do this, we will have to adapt them to the particularities of the different formats and channels. We not only have to be creative but also coherent with the brand and what we transmit in the different channels. -Content writing: taking into account SEO criteria and the buyer persona of each client. It will always have to be original and provide value. -E-mail marketing: writing and sending newsletters, satisfaction survey emails, promotions... -CMS: uploading content to different CMS, such as WordPress, playing with its various possibilities. -Review: supervise all content so that it is of high quality, original, without spelling mistakes, and focused on the objectives. In addition, the Content Manager is also responsible for reviewing infographics, photographs, and videos. -Management of social networks: in addition to writing content adapted to each platform, it is essential to know the particularities of each social network. -Social Ads: knowing how to create and manage ads for social networks such as Instagram or Facebook. -Measuring results: to check whether the objectives are being met or what measures need to be implemented. As far as possible, it is necessary to monitor all channels to have a real "picture" of the results. Knowledge, Skills, And Abilities: -At least 4-5 years of experience writing and creating content for technology/Fintech/crypto audiences -Understanding of information technology/Fintech concepts including crypto, digital asset management, and wallet; -Bachelor's degree, preferably in communications, journalism, English, business, or equivalent -Organizational and project management skills and attention to detail; -Ability to provide analysis and actionable recommendations based on data; -Ability to work independently in a cross-departmental role; -Ability to juggle multiple projects with a positive attitude. -Excellent level of English and Arabic

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